Dogs vs Grizzly Bears                                                         Yakutat Alaska 2003

Narrator (Beau Weaver): On a fishing vacation, Mike Muler and his family's rental lodge comes complete with 3 fiesty dogs: Henry the Shnouzer, Baby the Labrador Retriever, and Crash the Spaniel. But the lodge also come with 1 of the most feared predators on the planet. At camp, the entising scent of fresh caught Alaskan salmon is like a beacon to 2 massive grizzly bears nearby. Mike's videocamera captures the ravenous brutes in broad daylight, showing no fear. Some estimate grizzles can smell rotting prey up to 18 miles away. And now, 1 even gets into a boat looking for salmon scraps. A lodge worker fires a shotgun to scare the grizzlies off. But this bear soon makes his way back. It's a dangerous situation, until Henry the Shnouzer takes matters into his own paws, bounding from the porch and heading straight at the grizzly, with Baby the Lab in fast support. Henry and the grizzly are locked in confrontation. The powerful bear stands its ground, yet when Henry and Baby circle back you won't believe what happens next! The grizzly admits defeat heading for the hills. Amazingly, Henry chases the bear, barking and nipping at its heels.

Mario Dunicci: It was protecting its territory and there was this big old bear that shouldn't be there, and he caught the bear off-guard, so the bear said "I'm outta here". You know it was that fireflight response kicked in.

Narrator (Beau Weaver): Incredibly, this Dog vs Grizzly fight club isn't over yet. Throughout the Muler's vacation,the mutts chase away several more bears. It's 1 of the rental cabin's perks: fearless protection from a bear busting canine crew!