Dog Swallows Golf Balls

Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Narrator (Beau Weaver): 1 3-year old pup named Hannah defies the laws of nature when she devours her owner's favorite sport with a vengeance! What starts as a fun afternoon ends in an emergency trip to the vet. Something's wrong with Hannah, but looking at the x-rays, no one can believe the diagnosis staring at them in black and white.

Veterinarian: This is actually the center of the golf ball, the core, so that's why you see a little rim around it.

Narrator (Beau Weaver): Hannah has swallowed her owner's golf balls, and not just 1 or 2!  Count them...9!

Veterinarian: To see 9 golf balls that's very unusual.

Narrator (Beau Weaver): Like many dogs, Hannah can survive food that could harm a human. A dog's stomach acid is about 5x more podent than ours, but 9 golf balls is a killer recipe. Grouped together in Hannah's stomach, the synthetic balls act as a dam, blocking anything going in or out. The regulation-sized balls add up to over 15 inches of hard synthetic matter, weighing in at nearly a pound. Everytime Hannah gags, she's in serious danger. Vets must perform an emergency operation.

Veterinarian: I told 'em there would be no charge for the surgery, but there would be a $50 per golf ball charge.

Narrator (Beau Weaver): Miraculously, Hannah survives her surgery with no permanent organ damage, but her owners vow to curve their dogs all consuming passion for golf by keeping it a spectator sport.